Dr.Pio Davis was born to a Child Specialist., Dr. Arpudhasamy , a known famous child specialist for decades, who was residing in lalgudi…He was considered as the most popular and kairaasi doctor for the residents of lalgudi and the surrounding villages . He was practising in his home and the name ‘popular hospital’ was coined by the people in and around lalgudi to address him

Dr. Arpudhasamy was so polite in nature, being a patient listener,not only to the complaints but also for their family concerns…he was a proactive advocate to his patients and there by grabbed the hearts of people.

Dr.piodavis , after earning his degree in manipal university, following the words of his inspirational father, started to practice to serve people in and around lalgudi and trichy…

Considering the economy of rural people and to motivate the dental health care awareness , Dr.Pio Davis served the people for lower cost, and few old people at free of cost.

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